ELLESSE offers a vibrant and retro-inspired collection that blends sportswear and streetwear. Explore the iconic Italian heritage of ELLESSE with its signature logo and bold designs. Discover a range of stylish apparel and accessories that exude a sense of effortless cool. From classic track tops to trendy sneakers, embrace the brand's fusion of fashion and sport. Whether you're hitting the gym or strolling the streets, ELLESSE brings a touch of retro charm to your wardrobe.

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  1. Ellesse Rooks Polo Shirt - Navy/White
    Ellesse Rooks Polo Shirt - Navy/White
    Was £39.95 Now £28.00
  2. Ellesse Rooks Polo Shirt - White/Navy
    Ellesse Rooks Polo Shirt - White/Navy
    Was £39.95 Now £28.00
  3. Ellesse Kings T-Shirt - Navy/White
    Ellesse Kings T-Shirt - Navy/White
    Was £24.95 Now £17.50
  4. Ellesse Lombardy 2 Padded Jacket - White/Black/Blue
    Ellesse Lombardy 2 Padded Jacket - White/Black/Blue
    Was £79.95 Now £56.00
  5. Ellesse Vincolo Padded Hooded Gilet - Black
    Ellesse Vincolo Padded Hooded Gilet - Black
    Was £69.95 Now £45.00
  6. Ellesse Solleva Hoodie - Black
    Ellesse Solleva Hoodie - Black
    Was £44.95 Now £31.00
  7. Ellesse Spinella Poly Track Top Jacket - Navy
    Ellesse Spinella Poly Track Top Jacket - Navy
    Was £69.95 Now £42.00
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Ellesse is an iconic Italian sportswear brand with a rich history that dates back to 1959. Founded by Leonardo Servadio in Perugia, Italy, Ellesse quickly gained recognition for its innovative designs and high-quality sportswear.

The brand's name, Ellesse, is a combination of Servadio's initials, L.S., pronounced phonetically in Italian. From the beginning, Ellesse set itself apart by blending sportswear functionality with stylish aesthetics, creating a unique identity in the market.

Ellesse became renowned for its skiwear and tennis-inspired apparel, reflecting Servadio's passion for these sports. The brand's distinctive logo, featuring a half-ball and the letters "LS," became synonymous with Ellesse's commitment to performance and style.

Over the years, Ellesse expanded its product range to include a variety of sportswear and lifestyle apparel, catering to athletes and fashion enthusiasts alike. The brand's collections feature a fusion of retro and contemporary designs, reflecting Ellesse's timeless appeal.

Ellesse has collaborated with notable athletes, teams, and designers, further establishing its presence in the world of sportswear. From tennis legends to Olympic athletes, Ellesse has been worn by those who value both functionality and fashion.

Today, Ellesse continues to innovate and inspire with its sportswear offerings. The brand's dedication to craftsmanship, quality materials, and stylish designs has solidified its status as an iconic name in the industry.

Embrace the spirit of sport and style with Ellesse's collection of apparel and accessories, designed to empower individuals to express themselves both on and off the field. Experience the heritage and legacy of Ellesse as you celebrate the fusion of sport and fashion.